RailsPress is a beast

I am having second thoughts about RailsPress. WordPress is a bigger beast than I thought. Maybe it would seem easy if I were a PHP guy. There are a lot of functions that call the “apply_filters” function. I spent some time last night looking for the “check_passwords” filter. But I don’t think that filter exists. … Read more

Update on RailsPress

I was working on a port to WordPress I called RailsPress. I had lost a bit of enthusiasm for it lately for a couple of reasons. The main reason is the database migration script was hard to work with. I had to keep installing gems manually to get it to work. I did not want … Read more

RailsPress 2013-01-30 Update

I attended OpenHack Austin tonight, working on RailsPress. I decided to cheat by logging SQL statements. You can turn the logging on and off in the db and check it like this: SET GLOBAL general_log = 'ON'; SET GLOBAL general_log = 'OFF'; show global variables where variable_name like 'general_log'; It will write the logs to … Read more

Update On RailsPress

I started a project to migrate WordPress to Rails. I called it RailsPress. I installed WordPress on my laptop and made a couple of posts. I found a gem called rmre that can reverse engineer a database and produce ActiveRecord classes and a schema.rb file. I made a separate gemset with RVM, but it still … Read more

Thoughts On WordPress

A week or so ago I went to the Austin WordPress Meetup which featured a presentation about Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the upcoming editor for WordPress. I admit I did not quite understand everything that was said. But it means there are some big changes coming up. It will allow WordPress to interface with many different … Read more

2013 Tweets

Tweets from 2013. This post was produced using my twitter-retriever written in Clojure. This post is a consolidation of earlier posts. @austinonrails Thanks for the follow in reply to austinonrails 2013-01-03 07:02:59 I am thinking about submitting a proposal to @BigRubyConf 2013-01-03 07:04:24 @thefonso What are you presenting on? 2013-01-03 07:05:15 @wangjammer5 Thanks for the … Read more

2013-05-07 Update

I am pretty late, but here is an update. I am still working on helping a local developer upgrade his Rails 2 app to Rails 3. I hit a wall. There is a lot of Javascript. I do not know too much Javascript. I asked someone for some help. We will see how things go. … Read more